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Daniel Hicks

Managing Director

Dan is involved in most aspects of the company and is passionate about the organisation and service we provide.  


Daisy Lamont Jiggens

Housing Manager

Daisy is responsible for the day to day running of the housing service and ensuring that we provide the best posible service for the people we support


Abby Herbert

Outreach Manager

Likes to ensure the staff are always able to get involved and share ideas as a team. Strives to deliver the best posible support to those we work with. 


Sally Hicks

Managing Director

Takes care of various areas of the day to day management of the company, with a focus on staff and organisational development. Is very meticulous and has an eye for detail!

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Katie Ford

Outreach Manager

Is one of the longest serving members of staff, who has worked her way up to manager. Katie likes to think outside of the box and is very proactive when delivering support to others.  

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Paul Knowles

Senior Operational Manager

Paul's the person organising and coordinating the whole staff team and ensuring that things are running smoothly! 


Jaimee Gillett

Outreach Manager

Jaimee has a good eye for design and likes to implement improvements within the organisations procedures. Always encourgaing group activities and ensuring people are working together. 

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