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Supported Living

Our Supported Living schemes are designed to be accommodating and homely. They are normal houses in normal streets. The schemes provide flexible opportunities to develop the core independent living skills in a safe and supportive environment. Although there is no time limit on residing in Supported Living, we are actively supporting tenants as they move towards a more independent lifestyle, usually in their own home.


Additionally Supported Living can provide access to the Assisted Move On Scheme.

I used to spend most of my time inside the house watching TV. With time, patience and the right support, my confidence is building. I now attend a range of activities I really enjoy on a weekly basis

Outreach Services

Our Outreach or Floating Support, offers continuing support to people in their own homes. The focus is on maximising each person’s independence. Supporting individuals to learn or relearn independent living skills, whilst encouraging and supporting them to identify and access structured and meaningful activities in their local community.


I have received support throughout most of my life with some positive and negative experiences. The level of support and professionalism I receive now should be an example of how all support providers should conduct themselves.

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